We bring unique systems to life. Our team realizes your custom designs by creating enterprise, gaming or any type of computer exclusively for you. Give us the specs, and we find unique software and hardware to fulfill your request.

Personalize Your Computer

Let your vision come to life with Stan’s Tech Garage custom computer designs.

Select Unique Features |  Get everything you need and nothing you don’t need. Factory computers can be bulky, so select the right-fit system for your requirements.

Design For Tasks |  The best tool for the task gets the job done. Make the most of work and play with features to improve processes and enhance your experience.

Unleash Memory |  Put an end to lagging systems. The possibilities for memory are endless, and you never have to worry about low storage space slowing you down.

Improve Visual Graphics |  Game time is sacred and calls for robust tech. Install a visual graphics card and processor that supports serious gaming goals.

Optimize Performance |  The best-fit computer makes all the difference. Focus on productivity and boost performance with custom hardware and software features.

Where Are You Located?

Stan’s Tech Garage provides in-store, on-site and online technology services to greater Los Angeles. Visit our store for computer repair services in West Hollywood and Santa Monica or give us a call for IT support wherever you are in LA.

Santa Monica

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West Hollywood

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